United We CAN build food security in Mid-Maine communities!

United Way of Mid-Maine is teaming up with local businesses, organizations, and groups to support Mid-Maine food pantries. The United We CAN sculpture contest adds a fund twist to a traditional food drive. Teams will collect or purchase non-perishable food items and then design and build a sculpture with those items!

April 26-30 you will be able to view videos of each sculpture and vote on your favorites – right on this page! 

2021 Participating Teams!

Click on each logo below to check out their sculptures and then vote below! *Videos will be posted April 26th thru the 30th*




Voting ends Friday, April 30th at 5pm.

United We CAN Voting

United We CAN Voting

Which sculpture is your overall favorite?
Which sculpture do you think is most "on brand" or best represents the teams brand/company?
Which sculpture do you think makes best use of the product labels?
Which sculpture do you think is most creative?


Local businesses, organizations, and groups host a food drive and build sculptures from non-perishable food items and/or basic needs items.

  • Sculptures must be built by April 21st and remail on display thru April 30th
  • Teams will submit a short video of their sculpture that includes: an introduction of the company, a description of the sculpture, and which food bank the donation will be going to
  • Teams will submit a list of total food/items collected (tally sheet will be provided)
  • Teams will be responsible for coordinating delivery or pickup of food to the food bank of their choice

Videos of the sculptures will be uploaded to the UWMM website where the community can view and vote on their favorites. Awards will be given for the following categories:

  • Community choice
  • Most on brand
  • Best use of labels
  • Most creative
  • Largest donation
UNITED WE CAN registration
Location sculpture will be on display
Location sculpture will be on display