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Literacy volunteers Waterville Area

Literacy Volunteers Waterville Area

Application Summary:

I had the opportunity to visit with 2 members of the board. They shared the struggles and successes of folks in the area in regards to reading literacy. This is a good organization. They work on a very small budget. This group has 25-30 tutors who work with folks 18 and older on an individual basis. They work hard building hope and confidence in the people they work with. This program aligns itself with the mission of the United Way. This program builds confidence and gives strength to individuals that they can be successful in their lives. Reading is necessary In the workplace and in the home. It is needed when you drive or when you want share with your children. The value the tutors are sharing with the folks they work with will offer a lifetime of opportunity.

Site Visit/Phone Conversation Notes:

The board members are active in finding tutors to work in their program. They shared with me what it is like to see someone who could not read graduate from college. They shared the story of a mother finally being able to read to her child. They talked about folks being able to fill out job applications. They talked about the shame that so many people feel because they could not read the simplest things. I believe one of the important things they shared with me was being able to watch people become more independent and confident because of literacy. They serve about 25-30 people at this time. The office is open about 8 hours a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 10-2:00. They benefit from the help received from the United Way. The funding helps them maintain an office which is located in the United Way building. It give them the opportunity to be a presence in the community and answer and return call a couple day’s a week. They work with families inFairfield and Waterville as well as working with individuals teaching “English as a second language”. This program cannot write grants for operational costs. They depend on United Way funding.

Program Strengths:

Building confidence in people one person at a time., With reading literacy they provide people with a more stable home and work environment. They build confidence in people that many have never felt before.

Program Weaknesses:

The program has to work hard to locate funding. They are a small operation offering value to the surrounding communities in which they serve. A better funding stream would allow them to offer office hours 3 days a week I instead of two. This would allow for better contact in the community.

Focus Area:

Mark Tanner agrees that this program aligns with Education, as indicated on the application.

This program has requested $5000.00.

Mark Tanner’s Recommendation: Definitely Fund for $5000.00

Recommendations and Comments


Definitely Fund = No question, UWMM should fund this program.
Maybe Fund = I think UWMM should fund this program, but I have outstanding questions.
Maybe Don’t Fund = I don’t think UWMM should fund this program, because I have outstanding concerns.
Don’t Fund = UWMM should not fund this program.

Robert Dahlgren

Definitely Fund

Strong proponent of this service, and this agency. They’ve historically shown great ability to overcome hurdles and demonstrate measurable outcomes for their clients.

Jackie Dalton

Definitely Fund

George Coleman

Definitely Fund

Susan Roy

Definitely Fund

Rick Dorian

Definitely Fund

This is a highly cost-effective model of support.

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