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Sliding Fee Program

Waterville Community Dental Center

Application Summary:

The Sliding Fee Program at the Waterville Community Dental Center provides reduced rates for dental care for residents of Somerset and northern Kennebec Counties who may be uninsured. They are the only “safety net” provider in our area- meaning they are working to improve access to dental care in our community, particularly to those who might not have dental insurance or have Mainecare.
Waterville Community Dental Center relocated their center early in 2019 to Oakland where they can see more patients and serve as a teaching site for dental students at UNE. Dentist recruitment in central Maine is a struggle, so the Center hopes that partnering with UNE as a training site will increase recruitment opportunities.
The dental center aligns with the UWMM focus of health and meeting immediate human needs in our community.
The program has well-defined goals/objectives and served 250 individuals during the last fiscal year. They have maintained the program and are planning for growth based on community need by effectively managing funds, using resources thoughtfully and wisely, and fundraising.
UWMM has funded this program for 14 years.

Site Visit/Phone Conversation Notes:

Face to face conversation and site visit scheduled for 4/23/2019. Will bring notes to decision meeting.

Program Strengths:

New larger space has more room to see more patients, Teaming with UNE this year as a dental training site in hopes of recruiting a much needed second full time dentist

Program Weaknesses:

Staffing- the center needs at least one more dentist and severla more support staff to support the needs of the community.

Focus Area:

Rachel Grant agrees that this program aligns with Health, as indicated on the application.

This program has requested $20000.

Rachel Grant’s Recommendation: Definitely Fund for $20000

Recommendations and Comments


Definitely Fund = No question, UWMM should fund this program.
Maybe Fund = I think UWMM should fund this program, but I have outstanding questions.
Maybe Don’t Fund = I don’t think UWMM should fund this program, because I have outstanding concerns.
Don’t Fund = UWMM should not fund this program.

Leon Duff/Ann Lindeman

Maybe Fund

Rick Dorian

Definitely Fund

This is an essential basic need. Thankfully, this program will help serve many that have no other options.

Susan Roy

Definitely Fund

This service is greatly needed in our community!

Cheryl flewelling

Definitely Fund

Michelle Cesare

Definitely Fund

Robert Dahlgren

Definitely Fund

George Coleman

Definitely Fund


Jackie Dalton

Definitely Fund

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