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Meals on Wheels

Spectrum Generations

Application Summary:

The Meals on Wheels program delivers nutritiously complete meals along with in-home safety and wellness checks to home bound older or disabled adults.

Meals on Wheels does more than provide a hot nutritious meal. The program administers eligibility assessments and provides safety and wellness checks to home bound individuals who often have no other support system to turn to. Meals on Wheels drivers are a link to other services offered in the community. If the consumer agrees, referrals can be made to home heating assistance, in-home help, home repairs and other nutritional resources. Objectives for the coming year include; providing the consumers with nutritional education, volunteer retention and increased community awareness.

The program aligns with Health.

Additional Criteria. Meals on Wheels has well defined goals and outcomes. Meals on Wheels will make the organization more sustainable over time because the need for food is ongoing and will not go away. The program is cost effective because the food is purchased in Maine and bought at lower prices. Meals on Wheels grows as much of the food as possible in Maine. The program allows seniors to stay in their home and reduces the need for higher level community and medical services.

Site Visit/Phone Conversation Notes:

The site call was primarily to set up a time for a visit. The impression of the site visit was outstanding. Karen Wiswell and Gary did an excellent job of explaining the program to me. They explained the satellite sites, volunteers shifts and what the volunteers duties are. They explained how the food is transported from the Muskie Center to the consumers and the program that they have to feed pets in need in the home.

There were no outstanding concerns not addressed.

Program Strengths:

Hot nutritiously complete meals delivered to home bound older and/disabled adults., A consistent and caring volunteer to check in and ensure that home bound older adults needs are being met., Help with food for animals in the home, An opportunity for referrals to be made for other needed services

Program Weaknesses:

Extensive wait list

Focus Area:

Susan E. Roy agrees that this program aligns with Health, as indicated on the application.

This program has requested $18,000.

Susan E. Roy’s Recommendation: Definitely Fund for $18,000

Recommendations and Comments


Definitely Fund = No question, UWMM should fund this program.
Maybe Fund = I think UWMM should fund this program, but I have outstanding questions.
Maybe Don’t Fund = I don’t think UWMM should fund this program, because I have outstanding concerns.
Don’t Fund = UWMM should not fund this program.

Rachel Grant

Definitely Fund

Leon Duff/Ann Lindeman

Definitely Fund

Rick Dorian

Definitely Fund

Michelle Cesare

Definitely Fund

Cheryl Flewelling

Definitely Fund

This program is more than the meals and could be a bridge program to other programs for the recipients. However I think the amount is too much for our budget so I would partially.

Jackie Dalton

Definitely Fund

With UW tight budget, increasing Meals on Wheels from $14,000 to $18,000 might be something we can’t do at this time, even though there is a need for more from the Meals on Wheels project.

Robert Dahlgren

Definitely Fund

I agree with others asking the question about potentially partially funding?

George Coleman

Definitely Fund

Fund but at reduced level. $15K would provide an “additional” $1K

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