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Center on Grieving

Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County

Application Summary:

This is a new program being developed by the Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County. The program that they are in the process of developing is entitled Center on Grieving. The purpose of this program will be to provide support that encourages the safe expression of grief and loss and fosters everyone’s resilience and emotional well-being. Within the program they hope to continue to develop their community memorial garden and hopefully add another, create a first responder program to connect first responders with individuals experiencing grief and establish retreat weekends for clients.
This program does align with the UWMM’s Health focus area. This program provides a direct service in behavioral and/or physical health areas, increases access/reduces barriers to direct services and increases capacity/resources for direct services.

Site Visit/Phone Conversation Notes:

I met with Jason, Director of Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County, at their current location in Skowhegan. Currently they are in the transition of moving their office (to a temporary location) so I did not get a true picture of their office/setting for groups as they are in mid-move mode. I was able to speak with Jason in regards to where they have been and what their vision moving forward is. It was clear to me and evident that this is a worthwhile program and much needed in their area. I knew that the area of coverage was large, but I didn’t realize just how vast of an area that it really was. He spoke of the need to have satellite programs as the area is so big and this makes complete sense. Clients that that need their services are not going to want to travel over 45 minutes to attend a group session. Currently the program has 15 active volunteers with 6 new volunteers recently trained. Last year they served 105 individuals as well as an average of 3 to 4 immediate family members per client served. This results in many of their volunteers having 2 to 4 clients at any given time. They are constantly recruiting volunteers, but are fortunate that the volunteers that they do have are very dedicated.

Over the past year they have had some staff changes and are in the process of finding a new permanent location. They recently sold their building and will be looking for a new office that will be a better fit for them and will allow them to expand their programming. In the meantime they will be relocating to a church that has offered them office space along with space to hold support group meetings and events. They are receiving an increase in requests for services so it is imperative that they make good choices to establish much needed programs and strengthen their agency.

Program Strengths:

They offer multiple services., They reach a wide variety of clients over a vast area., They have a volunteer base that is strong and dedicated.

Program Weaknesses:

They are currently in transition mode as they are moving their office temporarily and looking for a more permanent home., While they have a good volunteer base, they receive more requests for services than they can adequately provide so are constantly looking for ways to add more volunteers. I don’t necessarily see this as a weakness, but rather room for growth.

Focus Area:

Tanya Fossett agrees that this program aligns with Health, as indicated on the application.

This program has requested $15000.

Tanya Fossett’s Recommendation: Definitely Fund for $10,000

Recommendations and Comments


Definitely Fund = No question, UWMM should fund this program.
Maybe Fund = I think UWMM should fund this program, but I have outstanding questions.
Maybe Don’t Fund = I don’t think UWMM should fund this program, because I have outstanding concerns.
Don’t Fund = UWMM should not fund this program.

Rachel Grant

Maybe Fund

While this seems like a great program to develop, I worry that it may not be sustainable and the organization may not be able to keep up with the demand for the service. Maybe fund half?

Leon Duff/Ann Lindeman

Maybe Fund

Jackie Dalton

Maybe Fund

Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County is requesting a $3000 increase over last year to expand their program at a time when UW has fewer funds. I would like to discuss the increase compared with other program requests. The program certainly is worthwhile, and leaving it at the $12000 amount for last year would be helpful to them considering the changes they are going through.

Rick Dorian

Maybe Fund

I’m finding the request a bit confusing. Although there’s a description to develop a ‘Center on Grieving’, it would also appear that this funding request would support their on-going hospice volunteer operational activities. I’d support holding funding at the same levels without an increase.

Michelle Cesare

Maybe Fund

Cheryl flewelling

Maybe Fund

Partially fund $10k

George Coleman

Definitely Fund

Hold @ $12K

Robert Dahlgren

Maybe Fund

Unclear whether this is funding for a new program? If so, how are other programs funded – I don’t see applications for those in this set of applications. Or is the Center on Grieving a new service added to the existing services in the program. It sounds like UWMM has funded this in the past.

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