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Personal Body Safety


Application Summary:

KVCAP’s Personal Body Safety program is part of the curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th grade students in 14 schools in the UWMM service area, teaching them fundamental skills to keep them safe from a range of dangerous or abusive behaviors. There is one person from KVCAP who visits all the individual classrooms for K-5 twice a year – the initial class and then a follow-up class a couple weeks later. The classes start with discussing specific general safety rules like fire and bike rules, making the children comfortable with the instructor before they start to discuss the more uncomfortable topics related to inappropriate touching. The classes create a safe environment for the children to discuss their personal experiences and then, if appropriate, follow-up can be made with appropriate agencies to make sure the children are safe. All the classes have age-appropriate material and activities centered around personal safety, touching safety, and assertiveness so each year the children see a different view of the topics. The children learn that people care about them and that they have a voice and can speak up if needed. Last year, there were 4 disclosures from children, which could then be followed up on by the Guidance Counselor and Department of Human Services.

The Sexual Assault Program in the area offers school based education on these topics to students in middle school and high school and KVCAP has coordinated programming with them over the years so that there isn’t a duplication of services. KVCAP also works with the local Child Advocacy Center for resources and training.

KVCAP goal is to provide this class to all students and they have been able to do that with just one instructor! They report that 90% of the students demonstrate positive coping skills and behaviors.

UWMM has funded this program for the last 15 years. Last year, UWMM’s $10,000 was the only funding source for the Personal Body Safety program in our service area. If funding from last year were to be less, then the program would have to cut back on the number of classrooms visited and therefore not reach all the children. KVCAP understood the financial strain on UWMM this year and responded by looking at all the funding requests KVCAP has made to UWMM in the past and determined that this Personal Body Safety program was so critical that they would cut back on other UWMM funding requests and even eliminate some requests.

From the testimonials included with the application, it is clear that the schools value this class and appreciate how well trained the instructor is and feel that it would be a huge loss if the program were not in place.

The program definitely aligns with the UWMM focus area of Education and meets the additional criteria.

Site Visit/Phone Conversation Notes:

A site visit was made on April 11, 2019 with Deb Rich, the person who visits all the classes, sometimes up to 6 classes in one day at a school. Once in a while, parents object to having this topic discussed with their child, but they are encouraged to call Deb and she explains exactly what will be discussed and then the parent not only no longer wants to remove their child from the class, but is also better prepared to continue the discussion after school when the child comes home.

Deb seemed very competent and comfortable with discussing these topics with children and had many age-appropriate books she showed me that she uses in the classrooms.

Program Strengths:

KVCAP’s Personal Body Safety class is the only program that works with the students in K-5 on these topics in UWMM service area, Returning each year with the same instructor gives continuity to the class, KVCAP coordinates with other agencies to avoid duplication of services

Program Weaknesses:

Totally funded by UWMM means losing UWMM support would mean children K-5 that are being abused might not learn to speak up.

Focus Area:

Jackie Dalton agrees that this program aligns with Education, as indicated on the application.

This program has requested $10000.

Jackie Dalton’s Recommendation: Definitely Fund for $10000

Recommendations and Comments


Definitely Fund = No question, UWMM should fund this program.
Maybe Fund = I think UWMM should fund this program, but I have outstanding questions.
Maybe Don’t Fund = I don’t think UWMM should fund this program, because I have outstanding concerns.
Don’t Fund = UWMM should not fund this program.

Rachel Grant

Maybe Fund

Leon Duff/Ann Lindeman

Definitely Fund

Rick Dorian

Definitely Fund

KVCAP has a model program that is urgently needed. This is a great investment to educate all young people.

Cheryl Flewelling

Definitely Fund

They have enough conviction in the program that they cut back other funding requests.
Totally funded by UW.

Robert Dahlgren

Definitely Fund

UWMM is only source of funding. KVCAP is a provider of many services and if they identify this is an essential program, worth cutting other funding requests for, that’s worth UWMM attention.

George Coleman

Definitely Fund

I tend to favor programs that have direct impact on youth.

Susan Roy

Definitely Fund

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