Organization Name: KVCAP Transportation

Program Name: Transportation

Program Contact: Jim Wood, Transportation Developement Director
Email:     Phone: (207) 859-1564

UWMM has funded this program for 2 years.

Amount Requested: $9000
Is this an increase from what your program received for the current funding cycle? 

Received: $7500 Requesting increase because:The Transportation program received funding for two programs, $2,500 for transportation to dialysis treatment and $7,500 for public transit support for a combined total of $10,000. The program is only submitting one request this year for $9,000 for public transit support.

Twenty-five word summary of this program’s purpose:

Kennebec/Somerset Explorer is a flex-route accessible general public bus service with operations throughout the greater Waterville – Augusta and Lower Somerset regions.

How your program is uniquely important to the community:

KVCAP is the recognized MaineDOT Regional Transportation Provider for Kennebec and Somerset Counties. KVCAP regularly coordinates with a broad range of community and medical/theraputic services. In addition to our public transit service, KVCAP coordinates with DHHS, MaineCare transportation brokers, area behavioral health services, Maine Cancer Foundation, John T Gorman Foundation. Input from all of these resources are solicited during the development of the Locally Coordinated Transportation Plan facilitated by the Maine Department of Transportation.

Program Updates

Since last report (or in past two years):

The Explorer program provides vital and affordable transportation options to people are unable or choose not to own and operate a personal motor vehicle. The service provides access to healthcare, jobs, education, retail stores, veteran’s services, meal sites and other common destinations. While available to the general public, the ridership base is typically seniors, people with low incomes, and people with disabilities who require a vehicle with wheelchair access. The bus service allows these people to remain functionally independent and active in our communities. It helps people on fixed incomes with an affordable option to higher cost taxi (where they are available) or expensive wheelchair van services. In many parts of the service area alternative public wheelchair van service is not available.

Expected in the coming year:

No major changes are expected in the coming year.

Outcome your program most contributes to:
Health: All individuals in Mid-Maine are in safe and healthy environments with access to health supports and services.

How program contributes:
Increases access/reduces barriers to direct services, Increases capacity/resources for direct services

Define your year: July 1 – June 30

How much did we do? 100000 (Total number served)

How well did we do it?

Performance measure: Percent of clients involved in community activities
Most recent year’s data: 100%
Previous year’s data: 100%

What was the difference made?

Performance measure: Percent of clients demonstrating improved self-reliance
Most recent year’s data: 100%
Previous year’s data: 100%

Action Plan

Objectives for current year:

KVCAP continues to look for ways to sustain and improve public transportation for the resident of Kennebec and Somerset counties. The organization continues to work with both service center and rural communities to identify unmet need sand develop resources to meet current and future demands.  This is particularly import in developing resources for seniors and people with disabilities allowing  people to stay in their homes and remain self-sufficient

Objectives and results from last year:Success Stories

A woman who lives in rural China and has no car has been using the bus service regularly to access local grocery stores and laundrymats. She has stated that she is grateful for the service as it has allowed her to be more independent and self-sufficient.

Previous Year Actual Income and Expenditures

Government Funding UWMM Funding Other UWs Funding Fees/Dues Funding Other Sources Funding Total Income
617738 7500 3000 91100 206334 925672

Total Actual Expenditures: $925672

Current Year Budgeted Income and Expenditures

Government Funding UWMM Funding Other UWs Funding Fees/Dues Funding Other Sources Funding Total Income
595744 9000 5000 80000 181413 871157

Total Budgeted Expenditures: $871157

Anything remarkable about your program’s budget:

While demand continues to grow, Federal and State formula funding that supports the largest share of the program have been level or reduced. This has required the organization to seek additional local funds to sustain operations. KVCAP receives funding from a variety of sources to support the program. The sources include Federal Transit Administration rural transit grants, State transit funding, municipal funding, contributions from businesses, contributions from United Way Mid-Maine and United Way of Kennebec Valley, Waterville Area Chamber of Commerce, local hospitals, internal fund raising activities, and support from local banks and other sources.

What else you’d like reviewers to know:

Maine is currently recognized as having the eldest and most rural per-capita population in the country. With this aging population comes the challenge of helping people to remain in their homes and self-sufficient when they are no longer physically or fiscally able to operate and maintain a car. The program has seen an increase in the number of people with disabilities using the public transit system as there are few, if any, alternative accessible transportation resources in many rural area of our region. The accessible buses in use by KVCAP allow these people to remain active and engaged in our communities. Taxi services are limited and only available near service center communities. The support from United Way is used as matching funds that compound the value of year dollar from minimum of $1 up to $4 for each dollar contributed


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