Organization Name: Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter

Program Name: Day Shelter

Program Contact: Tanya Fossett, Executive Assistant
Email:     Phone: (207) 872-8082

UWMM has funded this program for 4 years.

Amount Requested: $15000.00
Is this an increase from what your program received for the current funding cycle? 

Received: $6000.00 Requesting increase because:In order to expand our day shelter year round.

Twenty-five word summary of this program’s purpose:

The Day Shelter  provides a safe, warm and supportive environment during inclement weather for all shelter guests.  

How your program is uniquely important to the community:

During the winter months, there are limited options for our guests in the community to maintain a safe and healthy routine for their families. The Day Shelter provides a safe and warm location, as well as breakfast and lunch.  Shelter guests are also able to access valuable programming such as Career Development, Rent Smart, and other self-improvement and family driven programming.

Program Updates

Since last report (or in past two years):

The changes that we would like to see in the Day Shelter program is that we would be able to expand our services year round. We have seen a huge benefit of being able to provide day shelter to our guests and feel that it is a needed service not just in the cold weather months, but year round.

Expected in the coming year:

We would like to increase the duration of Day Shelter as we have seen great benefits for our families increasing housing stability and incomes by an increase in the use of structured programs.

Outcome your program most contributes to:
Health: All individuals in Mid-Maine are in safe and healthy environments with access to health supports and services.

How program contributes:
Provides a direct service in behavioral and/or physical health areas, Increases access/reduces barriers to direct services, Increases capacity/resources for direct services, Advocates for behavioral and/or physical health, Collaborates with other programs/services in behavioral and/or physical health

Define your year: January to December

How much did we do? 375 (Total number served)

How well did we do it?

Performance measure: Percent of clients who received all available/requested services
Most recent year’s data: 100%
Previous year’s data: 100%

What was the difference made?

Performance measure: Percent of clients accessing shelter during the day in extreme weather
Most recent year’s data: 100%
Previous year’s data: 100%

Action Plan

Objectives for current year:

Families in the Shelter will be able to maintain a routine schedule with their children by having the day shelter available to them. The day shelter allows children to be able to return to the shelter after school rather than sitting in a fast food restaurant or wandering around town waiting for the shelter to open. Families are able to have an after school snack, and time to review their school day and complete homework.

The Day Shelter is much more then just a place to “hang out” for the day. It provides our Guests with respect and dignity, stability, less stress/anxiety, more effective time management skills, increased/improved health benefits, an improved feeling of safety and well-being, and increased ability to participate in our Shelter’s programming/classes. This is true for the summer months just as much, if not more than in the winter months. When Day Shelter is not provided, it impacts our Guests in a variety of ways. Our Guests are forced to; “live out of a backpack”, “buy stuff to hang out at places to stay dry or cool, spending money we don’t have to spend”, “some of us don’t have the ability to walk that far for that long”. Guests report that on Sundays they often have no place to go as many of their normal places to go and eat/hang out are closed, and on the weekends there are no lunch programs. Guests with young children and babies often struggle with appropriate places to feed and change their babies or in general simply find a place to use the bathroom; they often “feel unwanted” by society in general.

Our Guest’s are met with a whole host of issues, many or most are out of their control. When Guests leave the Shelter for the day, they must take their belongings that they need to sustain themselves for an 8 hour day including all of their medications. This creates feelings of instability, fear, stress and increased anxiety. Parents do not want to expose their children to a transient lifestyle. The elderly may be dealing with mobility/memory issues. Those that are in ill health/disabled do not have the ability to rest or recuperate.

It has become clearer and more evident that day shelter is not only needed in the winter, but the summer as well. Our goal and priority is to be able to offer the Day Shelter to our guests year round.

Objectives and results from last year:Success Stories

“The Day Shelter Program at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter has made a huge impact in my life. When I first came into the shelter, I was running from my past. I was running from everything that got me to where I was right then. And I was running so fast that I couldn’t look back. I didn’t want to look back. I was so thankful that when I came into the shelter, I was safe. I quickly learned that the staff and volunteers were there to help me. They wanted to help me recover from my past and build a new future. My future. A better future. Here I was, homeless, hopeless and beat down. I didn’t think that I was worth helping, that my future was something worth working for. This is not the first time I have been in a shelter. I have been in shelters before, but this time it was different. This time I didn’t have to leave every day with everything I owned in a backpack. I can’t tell you what a difference that has made in my stay here. I not only have had a place to sleep at night, but I have also had a place to be when I wake up in the morning. Wandering the streets reminds me that I’m homeless. The Day Shelter reminds me that I’m human and people care about me! Some of us didn’t choose to be homeless. I don’t think any of us really chose to be homeless, but life happened to us and not all roads are forgiving. Every day I am working on building a better future for myself. I believe that the support and care I have been given has set me on the right path for a better future.”

Previous Year Actual Income and Expenditures

Government Funding UWMM Funding Other UWs Funding Fees/Dues Funding Other Sources Funding Total Income
0 6000 0 0 23400 29400

Total Actual Expenditures: $29400

Current Year Budgeted Income and Expenditures

Government Funding UWMM Funding Other UWs Funding Fees/Dues Funding Other Sources Funding Total Income
0 15000 0 0 28680 43680

Total Budgeted Expenditures: $43680

Anything remarkable about your program’s budget:

Our budget is based upon the cost to staff the Day Shelter Program, 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. The increase in budget for this year is so that we can staff the day shelter year round. There is not a funding source that specifically covers the cost to staff the day shelter. We rely on grants, private donations and fundraisers to fund the day shelter.

What else you’d like reviewers to know:

The day shelter program is an important and necessary program that we offer our guests. Our guests deserve and require a warm, safe and supportive environment in which to be in. We are a shelter of transformation and by offering full supportive services, we are able to make a difference and change lives. The guests at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter do not all have supportive friends and family. Often they find their only support once they come into the shelter.

The day shelter plays such an important roll in this journey. We can do so much more when we help to keep people safe and stable during their time at the shelter. When the day shelter is not open, it often forces people to go back into an environment that is a stumbling block for them. It often leads to having to leave the shelter every day and spend their time with friends or family that exert a bad influence on them or causes them to fall back into habits that they are trying to escape. Guests that are seeking shelter due to domestic violence situations put themselves in harms way when they do not have a place to be during the day.

The funding from the United Way is vital to the success of the day shelter program. In the last year, we have provided day shelter to a new mom fleeing from domestic violence with a newborn baby, an elderly man that was being discharged from the hospital with no place to go, a single mom with no vehicle and three small children and many other individuals that needed your support and you provided for them. You provided safety from the storm and a helping hand that transformed their lives. Together we made a difference in the lives of these individuals.

Together we will continue to do so. Thank you for recognizing that all people deserve safety and protection from the storm of life that they are currently in.


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