Organization Name: Kennebec Valley Community Action

Program Name: Skowhegan Before and After School Program

Program Contact: Nicole Chaplin, Associate Director of Preschool Collaborations
Email:     Phone: (207) 215-5100

UWMM has funded this program for 2 years.

Amount Requested: $7250.00
Is this an increase from what your program received for the current funding cycle? 

Twenty-five word summary of this program’s purpose:

The BASP will provide a collaborative community based, safe, educational environment for children that fosters a continuum of growth and enrichment options.

How your program is uniquely important to the community:

Research shows that all children, but especially those exposed to trauma need consistent, safe care to increase resiliency and grow developmentally. The Skowhegan BASP does this in a unique way in that it partners with MSAD 54 and the Prek program to offer continuity for children. The staff that are employed in the BASP program are also employed during the regular school day in Prek. This staffing model allows for carryover and linkages to school day curriculum as well as consistency in staffing. Linkages to school day curriculum include extending and supporting children’s individual goals with a focus on relationships, experiences and environments to promote developmental gains all domains. Family enrichment, education, resources and events are offered to children and families through partnership with MSAD 54, Prek, Somerset Public Health, 5210, the Community Co-op, local libraries and faith based organizations.

Also unique to the Skowhegan area, the program collaboratively works together to provide continuity of services for children birth through Kindergarten. Within the district there is an Early Head Start (EHS) program in which infants up to age three are served, full day full year. These families are all working and/or attending school. As children age out of the EHS program they have the opportunity to transition to North El Prek. The option of before and after school programming wrapped around the Prek option allows families to maintain employment and further progress on family/personal goals. This continuity also allows children to not have to transition to several different programs.

Program Updates

Since last report (or in past two years):

Since beginning the program, we have gained new knowledge and also pulled from extensive experience from working in the community for numerous years. Nationally there is a shortage of Teachers and the Before and After school program also felt this impact. We quickly learned that hiring staff for a BASP had its challenges. The positions on their own were not full time and they are late day/evening hours. By combining the BASP position with Prek positions we are able to provide staff full time employment. This approach has increased retaining staff. The support staff position in BASP has shifted to an entry position, under the leadership of a lead Teacher, in which new employees can gain knowledge and experience. The combined programming staffing model also further supports the carryover and linkages to the school day.

MSAD 54 and KVCAP are well aware of the barriers of enrolling children in programs especially child care. We remain constant in our mission of providing quality BASP. We know from past experience that gaining momentum and full enrollment can take time. This year the program did successfully increase their enrollment numbers and we are confident that it will continue to grow.

Expected in the coming year:

The BASP will continue to provide a collaborative community based, safe, educational environment for children that fosters a continuum of growth and enrichment options, as reflected in our purpose.  We will continue to diligently recruit and work with the school district and the community to find families who are in need.  The structure of staffing will remain the same, as we have found there to be benefits for children, families and staff.  The program will continue to work with numerous community partners to offer curriculum, enrichment opportunities, family engagement, resources and education that are filled with physical activity, crafts, and nutrition. Additionally, the BASP is currently supporting the collaborative application of the 21st Century Learning Grant with MSAD54.  While Prek isn’t included in the elementary school focus, there could be several alignment and development opportunities.

Outcome your program most contributes to:
Education: All children grow up in a stable environment—safe, healthy, and ready to learn.

How program contributes:
Provides a direct service in early learning and youth success/education areas, Increases access/reduces barriers to direct services, Increases capacity/resources for direct services, Advocates for early learning, youth success, and/or education, Collaborates with other programs/services in early learning, youth success, and/or education

Define your year: July 1st through June 30th

How much did we do? 14 (Total number served)

How well did we do it?

Performance measure: Percent of time spent teaching/counseling children on social-emotional learning skills
Most recent year’s data: 95%
Previous year’s data: 95%

What was the difference made?

Performance measure: Percent of children meeting their milestones for social-emotional development
Most recent year’s data: 95%
Previous year’s data: 95%

Action Plan

Objectives for current year:

The program will continue to offer quality programming for children PreK to Second grade.  The program will actively recruit and work with Prek and district staff to refer families to the program as well.  In order to continue our success in staffing and the strong linkages to the school day the program will maintain it’s current staffing structure.  The program will also require staff to attend Adverse Childhood Experiences training and other relevant trainings.  BASP staff will also be required to register as a member with Maine Afterschool Network, which will open opportunities for training and professional development.

Enrollment will reach 25 children

100% of children will show growth in developmental areas

80% of parents will attend an enrichment event that includes parent education

95% of children will show growth in the are of social and emotional development

Objectives and results from last year:Success Stories

A parent who had her child enrolled at EHS in Skowhegan transitioned her child to North El Prek when her child turned three.  This child was a young three and still had some areas to grow in but Mom really wanted him to be in a PreK setting for school readiness and had just obtained employment.  By having the after school program the parent was able to keep her job and progress economically.  The child was able to receive skilled, individualized attention and has made significant developmental gains putting him on pair with typically developing peers.

Previous Year Actual Income and Expenditures

Government Funding UWMM Funding Other UWs Funding Fees/Dues Funding Other Sources Funding Total Income
0 7500 0 16126 5234 28860

Total Actual Expenditures: $28860

Current Year Budgeted Income and Expenditures

Government Funding UWMM Funding Other UWs Funding Fees/Dues Funding Other Sources Funding Total Income
0 7500 0 45084 0 52584

Total Budgeted Expenditures: $40475

Anything remarkable about your program’s budget:

The BASP is proactively monitored to assure the program can stay open to provide consistent programming for children and families.  The program assesses need on an ongoing basis and makes adjustments to staffing accordingly.  The program also continues to reduce the expenditures of daily operational items such as materials and curriculum by incorporating materials used during the school day.

What else you’d like reviewers to know:

With the linkages to Prek, Head Start components and the public school families in the program develop relationships with staff and each other that are much different than other experiences.  It is proven that the most effective route to supporting a child’s school readiness and long-term school success is through parent engagement.  In the program we honor and recognize that a young child’s ability to learn is based on his or her relationships with caregivers; fostering positive parent-child relationships is crucial to our work.  The program recognizes that a parent’s active and intentional participation in his/her child’s learning has a correlation with positive long-term outcomes.  We cannot hope to fully support children’s learning and development without making a connection with their most important teachers and advocates.  United Way funds are needed in order to further support program growth and sustainability.


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