People Helping People Everyday

Lawrence Junior High, one of 59 schools that received supplies through Stuff the Bus 2016

[We] can’t thank [United Way of Mid-Maine] enough for all your hard work on gathering school supplies! Your efforts to make this donation happen will help make our students feel welcome and ready for learning!

Brian, Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 417

From what we’ve learned about United Way, they do a lot. They raise a lot of money to fund multiple programs to reach out and help a lot of the families that may be struggling. So it’s good to be able to give something back to them. We’re a nonprofit, and they’re a nonprofit, so we don’t have a lot of funds to donate for that. But we can donate our time and manpower. If we can help out in that way, we’re grateful to do it.

RSU #18, one recipient of Youth Homelessness Initiative funding

We were grateful for these funds last year! The numbers of homeless youth in our district continues to increase over time. 2014-2015 identified the highest (27) of homeless youth … 2015-2016 identified 22, with many other families and youth significantly at risk. These funds assisted us in a variety of ways to meet basic needs and keep students positively connected to school. Thank you!

Tiffany, Community Dental Center (Partner Agency) Patient

I want to express my experience and recent life changing events:

It all started about two years ago when I had my daughter and started having some dental issues. It continued through the years and I ended up having to get two teeth removed that weren’t save-able. At this point I felt my only option for dental care was to continue getting my teeth pulled and not being able to save my smile.

At this point during this journey I was beyond frustrated and ready to just give up, thinking eventually I would need all my teeth pulled. My first visit [at Community Dental Center] I was a bit hesitant, thinking I wouldn’t be getting any answers, or even be turned away due to coverage. Everyone was so welcoming and talked me through every step and possible outcome that there could be. From the dentist and dental assistance going through my dental plan thoroughly, to even the receptionist working with me on the financial end. Letting me know that they were going to be there every step of the way, in order to save my teeth and get my smile back I desire.

For the first time in my life I can truly say I was excited when I knew we were going to get results.With this experience I have even chose to have my daughter be a patient as well and have her first ever dental experience with them. When it comes to working with adults they do such an amazing job, but dealing with children I was blown away. Having children’s art work on the walls and a staff who knows how to properly deal with children in these situations was amazing to witness first hand.

I look forward to continuing my dental plan as well as having my daughter be a patient there too. Through all of my dental experiences I can truly say this has and continues to be the best and greatest impact in my life. When people ask me where I take my daughter and who I go through, I tell them Community Dental Center.

Red Cross (Partner Agency) Client

It was a day that started much like any other. We got up and got our sons off to school like any other day. My father was coming over later that day to work on the heating systems. My wife and I left to run errands and returned later that afternoon to find our front dooryard filled with emergency vehicles and personnel fighting a fire in the upstairs.

I have been a firefighter / EMT since 1991 and have been long familiar with the Red Cross and its mission. I even volunteered with the Red Cross during the 1998 Ice Storm here in Maine. So calling the Red Cross in the fire aftermath was a “nobrainer.” Paul arrived from the American Red Cross and was great. He even reassured our sons that the Red Cross is here and “we’re going to help you through this” (to use his words).

That afternoon, the Red Cross helped us check into the Fireside in Waterville and even called the school to let them know that our family was in the Waterville hotel and our kids would need to be picked up for school in Benton. The Red Cross even helped us getting clothing and figuring out the next few steps on the road to recovery. Since then we have gotten settled back into life and moved forward as a family.

The impact of the Red Cross was that Paul and the Red Cross workers that followed showed compassion and commitment to helping us get back on our feet as a family and moving forward. Getting the kids to school, getting clothes and most of all – getting back the peace of mind that the fire that day shattered.

It was the compassion in action that really made an impact on our family. That is really what stood out here. I am also now a regular volunteer with the Red Cross and love being a part of the mission. I am glad to be a part of the team that is there during the worst 20 minutes of people’s’ lives and helping to reassure them that they will get life back on track. Thank you all for your help and your commitment.

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