Health, Education, and Financial Stability: Building Blocks for Stronger Community

How Does United Way Work?

United Way of Mid-Maine works with dozens of local nonprofit agencies, schools, hospitals, health coalitions, food cupboards, faith groups, and other community action organizations along with hundreds of individual community members to improve the quality of health, education, and financial stability for all Mid-Mainers.

Setting Goals

Community Impact Team (CIT) members, who are volunteers from our local community, meet regularly to learn more about the current and evolving needs of our neighbors and to identify community-wide goals in UWMM’s focus areas:

  • Health / Meeting Immediate Needs
  • Education / Strengthening Children, Youth, and Families
  • Financial Stability / Promoting Independence
  • Volunteer Engagement in the Community

CIT volunteers assure that critical objectives for those goals are being met. They identify where to invest community impact funds and develop and steer initiatives to address otherwise unmet needs in the community.

Community Investment

Every two years, local agencies can apply for grant funding from UWMM for programs that align with the community-wide goals.  CIT members direct the investment of donor dollars for maximum impact in programs that are successful in providing needed community supports.

Between these funded Partner Agency Programs and United Way of Mid-Maine’s Initiatives, more than 35,000 local people’s lives are improved in a meaningful way each year. 


Each fall, United Way partners with hundreds of local businesses, organizations, and community leaders to encourage people to invest in their community’s future. Unless designated to one of our partner agencies or local initiatives, each dollar is added to the Community Impact Fund, which more than doubles the value of each dollar invested back into our communities.

Partner Agencies

Partner Agencies are organizations who have applied to be funded partners and are currently being funded by UWMM.


Other Community Partners

Our Community Partners are other organizations we work with, such as food pantries, schools, partners in collaborations, and currently un-funded Partner Agencies.