Through strategic planning and conducting community-wide needs assessments the UWMM staff and board of directors developed three Community Impact Teams (CIT). CITs are groups of volunteers (board members and involved community members) who meet monthly to stay abreast of the current issues affecting our community as well as monitor the progress of our programs and initiatives.

Direct funding and other resources are provided to over 30 local programs–provided by our partner agencies–each year. Each of these programs directly correlate to one or more of the CIT’s desired outcomes.

Learn more about our CITs below:

Meeting Immediate Needs

Vision: Everyone in our community has their basic needs met.

Desired Outcomes: Everyone should have enough to eat, a warm and secure place to be, and be provided with resources such as medical, dental, and mental health care.

Impact: In 2014-15, over 3,250 mid-Maine residents were served by programs that help people meet their basic needs.

UWMM is currently funding 11 programs that fall under the Meeting Immediate Needs (MIN) category, offered by 10 partner agencies.

Strengthening Children, Youth, and Families

Vision: Children and youth reach their fullest potential.

Desired Outcomes: All children should have on-going development opportunities and experiences, from early childhood on. You should be provided resources to help them develop life skills. Parents need to have the knowledge and skills to nurture their children and model positive behavior for their families.

Impact: In 2014-15, over 20,000 mid-Maine residents were served by programs that help children reach their potential, whether service as provided directly to them or to their parents.

UWMM is currently funding 13 programs that fall under the Strengthening Children, Youth, and Families (SCYF) category, offered by 9 partner agencies.

Promoting Independence

Vision: All people are independent and have the means to care and provide for themselves and their families.

Desired Outcomes: Everyone should be able to live independently in their homes for as long as possible. They should have access to financial information and services, educational and employment opportunities, and assistance to overcome hardships that prevent them from living independently.

Impact: In 2014-15, over 915 mid-Maine residents were served by programs that help people stay or become independent and provide the means to care for their families.

UWMM is currently funding 8 programs that fall under the Promoting Independence (PI) category, offered by 7 partner agencies.

Join A Community Impact Team

Community Impact Teams are made up of volunteers from our service area. If you would like to volunteer on one of our CITs please let us know.