This form must be completed before any program forms can be submitted. Program forms are due by Monday, April 1.

Make sure you spell out any acronyms the first time you use them, so reviewers understand what you’re referring to.

The last question is your Application Status. As long as it is set to “Draft,” you can submit your application and return via the “Drafts and Submissions” section of your dashboard to edit as many times as you’d like (you will see an edit link at the bottom of the page). Once you are ready to submit your application to UWMM, select “Complete” and submit. The form will then be submitted to UWMM and you will no longer be able to edit.

If, when you submit your completed form, you are not redirected to your dashboard, there are one or more errors in the form. They will be highlighted in red. Address all errors and submit again.

Note: Even if saving as a draft, you need to have responses for all required fields before you will be able to submit your form.
Make a note of which questions you want to review/change before you submit, or use dummy responses/uploads
so they are easy to identify.

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