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Community Partner Agencies

What is a Partner Agency?

A United Way of Mid-Maine partner agency is a non-profit organization that serves the mid-Maine community, working closely with United Way, to provide direct services that meet the needs of our community.

Direct funding and other resources are provided to the partner agencies to run programs that directly correlate to the vision of one or more of UWMM’s Community Impact Teams (CIT). Each CIT overseas the funding of programs. The three CITs include: Meeting Immediate Human NeedsPromoting Independence, and Strenghtening Children, Youth, and Families. To learn more, or become involved with the CITs, click on the previous links.

Over 30 local programs are provided by 26 partner agencies. Partner agencies apply bi-annually to receive grant money for their programs. Each application is reviewed by the CIT the program aligns with. The CITs review the budgets, outcomes, and missions of each program, perform site visits, and allocate funds based on these factors.But a partner agency is more than just an organization to which UWMM gives money.  United Way of Mid-Maine serves to lift up and support each program actively involving volunteers, provided resources, and promoting the organization and programs. A partner agency is just that, a partner. A partnership between a partner agency and United Way of Mid-Maine strengthens the network of local agencies committed to improving the quality of life for all.

2015-2017 Partner Agencies: